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Our Mobile Hub is the nerve center of your mobile presence. It contains icons (Q-links) which link to your important calls to action and information. We help you to create your own customized Mobile Hub, and we help your mobile audience to connect with your hub through our SMS (text message) auto-response service. Our unique and mobile-friendly product will help maximize your ability to connect and interact with your customers/followers on their mobile devices.

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Q-Links stands for “Quick Links,” and they appear as icons on your Mobile Hub. The Q-links are the primary focal point of your Mobile Hub, and they link directly to your different calls to action. Since all of the Q-Links are organized onto one user-friendly screen, this helps your customers/followers to interact with you quickly and easily on their mobile devices, increasing your conversion rates.

Your Q-Links can link to just about anything you can imagine! Social media pages, specific pages on your website, coupons, surveys, contact forms, lead-capture forms, videos, digital marketing materials, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless!

When you set up your Mobile Hub with us, we provide you with a SMS (text message) Keyword, as well as a 5-digit Short Code number. You can include your SMS Keyword and Short Code on any of your own print or digital marketing materials. Then, when users see your Keyword, they can text your Keyword to the 5-digit Short Code provided. Within seconds of sending that text message, the user will receive a text message auto-response with a link to your Mobile Hub.

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When you Get Started setting up your new account, the first thing you will do is provide us with details for your custom Mobile Hub. You will have the opportunity to provide your logo, a descriptive paragraph, and your choose of Q-Links to go on your Mobile Hub. You will then receive a design proof of your Mobile Hub by email within 48 business hours, and you will be allowed one round of revisions before your Mobile Hub will be made live to your mobile audience!

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Great question! Your customer back-end is full of powerful SMS (text message) and social media marketing tools. Since we capture the phone number of everyone who accesses your Mobile Hub using your SMS Keyword, you will be able to reach back out to them in a variety of ways. From your customer back-end you will be able to send targeted text messages to your followers through the use of auto campaigns, coupons, mobile eCards, appointment reminders. You will also be able to manage your contact lists, your SMS Keywords, and so much more!

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Yes, absolutely! We are currently looking for area sales representatives to sell our unique mobile products and services. Contact us today for more information on how you can be considered to become an area sales rep for Interaction Q.

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