Interaction Q was made for events. Events come in many shapes and sizes. They include trade shows, expos, user conferences, galas, conventions, fairs, meetings, etc. These events are held for a wide variety of purposes, and they serve many different markets all throughout the world. Though events have many distinct differences, Interaction Q is a mobile lead capture and sales enablement tool that is a perfect fit for any event.


Every event has exhibitors and attendees, right? That’s an important similarity to note. However, these two parties have different objectives and goals for what they want to get out of an event. You’re the exhibitor, so you know what you want to get out of it. But what about all of those important attendees?

Give attendees what they want

Exhibitors are often so inundated with what they’re trying to accomplish at an event, that they forget to think about things from an attendee’s perspective. Attendees don’t want to be pestered by exhibitors who are begging them to scan their badge for their contact info. Attendees don’t want to stand in a line at your booth to sign up for your contest on your tablet or computer, and they don’t want to be handed printed material that they’ll have to carry around the rest of the show.

So what do attendees want? They want to find products/services that they’re interested in, and they want to view information about those products/services on their own mobile phones. It’s that simple. Have you ever noticed that 99% of attendees have their mobile phone with them at an event, and that most of them are utilizing their phone frequently? Reaching their phone is how you reach them.


Interaction Q gives you the ability to display all of your company’s most important information and calls to action onto the attendees mobile phone screen in the easiest way possible, which is through text messaging.

The process is simple: We provide you with a custom text message Keyword. Attendee’s text your Keyword to our short code number 95577, and within seconds they receive an auto-response text message with a link to your customized Mobile Hub which Interaction Q has created for you. They click the link, and your Mobile Hub appears on their phone, which they can view now and revisit later.

Text Qdemo to 95577 on your phone right now to see exactly how it works.

What is a Mobile Hub?

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Capture qualified leads

When you provide attendees with information about your company on their mobile phone using Interaction Q, you are really giving them what they want while also giving them what you want to give them. It’s a win-win situation. However, you don’t just attend events to disseminate information to attendees. You also want to capture leads, right?

Interaction Q is ideal for capturing qualified leads at any event. When attendees text your Keyword to 95577 on their phone to access your Mobile Hub, their phone number is immediately captured in the process (you also have the ability to capture names and email addresses). Best of all, you know that these contacts are qualified leads. They have already taken action to access your Mobile Hub, so you know they are clearly interested in what you have to offer.

Then your Interaction Q customer back-end comes into play.


You customer back-end is where you can go to create your text messages Keywords, manage your contact lists, send outgoing text messages to your leads, and so much more! It is a powerful tool for outbound mobile marketing.

So think about this. When the event comes to an end, what is just about every other exhibitor going to be doing? They are going to bombarding their so-called “leads” with emails and flooding their inboxes. If you do the same, then you are going to get lost in that same email clutter. That’s part of what makes our product so valuable. While everyone else will be emailing, you will be able to legally send a text message directly to the mobile phone of all of your qualified leads!

Did you know that text message marketing has the highest open rate of any marketing method by far? Text messages have about a 98% open rate, while email marketing only has about a 12% open rate. 98%. Now that’s effective!

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Interaction Q’s customer back-end is full of powerful mobile marketing tools to help both connect and interact with your leads. To see for yourself, simply click the Sign In button at the top of the page and enter the following login credentials:

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