Almost every attendee at every event now carries a mobile phone with them, and they use if frequently. As an exhibitor, if you have not found a way to reach attendees on their mobile phones, then you will likely be left behind by other exhibitors and competitors who have found a way. Providing attendees with mobile content about your company on their phone is crucial, and Interaction Q’s Mobile Hub provides the easiest way for attendees to both access and view your mobile content.

Meet the Mobile Hub

Your Mobile Hub, created by Interaction Q, serves as the mobile interface for your company at events and beyond. Consider it the nerve center where attendees can go to view and interact with your company’s most important information and calls to action.


The Mobile Hub contains Q-Links (which stands for Quick Links). These are image icons that link to valuable information about your company, such as product pages, social media pages, contact forms, contest sign-up forms, deals, reviews, introduction videos, digital flyers, surveys, etc. The possibilities are truly endless! The Mobile Hub combines all of your important info and calls to action onto one user-friendly and mobile-optimized screen.

And the Mobile Hub is just the beginning. Once you provide attendees with what they want (mobile content for your company that they can view quickly and easily on their phone), then you get what you want…qualified leads. When attendees access your Mobile Hub on their phone using your text message Keyword, you immediately capture their contact info in the process. You can then follow up with these qualified leads using your customer back-end. Learn more

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Mobile Hub vs Mobile App

You may be wondering, what is the difference between Interaction Q’s Mobile Hub and a mobile app? Here are some bullet points to help clarify some of the key differences between the two…

  • Mobile apps can take a very long time to develop and maintain, whereas, your Mobile Hub can literally be created and made available to your users in less than a week.
  • Customized mobile apps are very expensive to have created and maintained, especially when compared to the Mobile Hub which only has a one-time payment and can then be updated monthly at no extra cost.
  • Mobile apps have to be downloaded onto a users phone from an app store. Your users can access your Mobile Hub easily by text message without having to download anything to their phone, then they can also save it to their phones in several ways that do not require a download.
  • Mobile apps require frequent, data-consuming updates on a users phone, and that can be very frustrating. The Mobile Hub doesn’t require any updates on the users phone. Any updates to a Mobile Hub automatically appear on the users phone when they either refresh or revisit the hub.
  • Mobile apps take up valuable storage space on a users mobile phone, and that can be a touchy subject. The Mobile Hub doesn’t take up any space, with the exception of an optional contact file that can be saved to a users phone which links back to the Mobile Hub (very tiny file size).
  • The Mobile Hub can be an effective alternative to a mobile app. Or, if you already have a mobile app, you can simply include a Q-Link to download your app on your Mobile Hub. This will allow you to provide an option for users to download your app, while also using your Mobile Hub to inform and connect with the large percentage of your mobile audience who will not want to download your app.

Mobile Hub vs Mobile Website

You may also be wondering, what is the difference between Interaction Q’s Mobile Hub and a mobile website? Here are some bullet points to help clarify some of the differences between the two…

  • Interaction Q’s Mobile Hub is more about interaction than education. A website is most often used to inform your followers, whereas, the Mobile Hub exists to help you better interact with them, and initiate ongoing communication with them.
  • Our Mobile Hubs contain Q-Links, which stand for Quick Links. These link icons provide a much more user-friendly interface than a website, allowing your audience to access the specific information and calls to action they are looking for more quickly.
  • Your Mobile Hub can actually contain several Q-Links that link back to pages on your website. This is a very valuable feature, because your users will then be clicking on links leading to your website from their mobile phones, which is like gold for your website’s Search Engine Optimization!
  • One great thing about our Mobile Hub is that, unlike your website, you can easily create as many as you need for different applications. If you want one Mobile Hub customized for a trade show, one Mobile Hub for your employees to use internally, and another Mobile Hub specifically designed for use by existing customers, then you can easily do that.
  • You don’t need a website in order to be able to have your own Mobile Hub. In fact, a Mobile Hub can be an alternative to having a website, and it would be far less expensive and less work than creating and maintaining a full-scale website.
  • Because the Mobile Hub is so simple and contains less distraction than a mobile website, people will be able to see and understand your calls to action much more easily. Research shows that if your call to action isn’t realized by your customer or potential customer within 15 seconds, then they will get frustrated and move on. With your Mobile Hub, they will see and recognize your calls to action immediately. Therefore, your Mobile Hub will have a much lower bounce rate than your website, meaning more users will actually interact with your Mobile Hub.

Additionally, the Mobile Hub is a green alternative to printed materials. Since marketing materials such as flyers, sell sheets and white papers can be linked digitally to your Mobile Hub, you will no longer need to have these printed (attendees don’t want to carry that stuff around anyway). This will save you tons of money in printing costs and attendee annoyance!

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